Saturday, July 7, 2012

How do we grieve…

It is just surreal.

Honestly, I still can’t compute the fact that my sister is gone. It’s harder to imagine about it when you are thousands of miles away.

Thank you all for your comforting messages and comments, and for all the prayers you’ve sent. We truly appreciate it, and I am sure arwah feels the same about it too.

As for myself, I’ve been keeping myself busy to take my mind off. It took me a whole year to decide what color I want for my bedroom, and apparently, less than 8 hours to get it done. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and 5 tops. Yes, these don’t bring happiness to me, at least not now, but I guess that’s how I handle my grief. I still cry every now and then, especially after prayers, but I am getting better now. I keep thinking about all the things we did together, like queuing up for more than an hour at Baskin Robbins every 31st of any month. Arwah really loves Baskin Robbins, especially the Jamoca Almond Fudge flavor. And how we always make fun of her buying RM 20 pair of shoes, but end up buying like 10 of them because they don’t last that long.

Arwah was the reason I updated this blog. She really loves her nephews and nieces (she was 41 and was never married), and she always pestered me with Aiyu’s update. Try not to update the blog for more than 3 days, for sure she will  text me on MSN, asking for some new entry. Not only that, she was the backbone for Sooyaree’s Closet. She was the one who told me where to shop, what to buy, and most importantly, how to manage. Excel sheet, she was the queen!

Regardless how hard the phase I am going through, I am sure it will be worse for my parents. I think that will be the biggest fear for any parents, for their kids to go before them. But then again, ajal dan maut di tangan tuhan. Everything happens for a reason.

At least she is not in pain anymore Smile

We miss you Kak Long. May you rest in peace, you’ll be in our prayers always.


Syima Syaz said... BALAS

sorry to hear that nurul, alfatihah untuk arwah dan be strong ye...

mama maman aka yana said... BALAS

be strong huda.. ai know u will... insyaallah dia bahagia disana. amin.

Anonymous said... BALAS

i know how it feels when we lost someone close to our life...i cried every night until fell asleep for almost a month when my father passed away 6 years strong kak huda...setiap yang hidup pasti akan mati...semoga roh kak long akak tenang di


Hartina Arssid said... BALAS

Hi just hang on there and be strong nothing can beat the feeling you having now because I felt the same too when my mom passed away last month. Just pray a lot and a lot. Anyway I would like to invite you for food event next week. Therefore please send me your email to so that I can forward the details event to you.

Take care,

June said... BALAS

Al-Fatihah to arwah

CIK Y O N G said... BALAS

Al fatihah for Arwah! Strong my dear!

potpetmama said... BALAS

Alfatihah muga rohnya ditempatkan disisi hamba2Nya yang beriman..experienced the same when i lost my brother 5 years ago..memang benar, yg lebih tersentuh dan menanggung rasa adalah our parents-banyak bersbar ya Huda

nazila said... BALAS

hilangnya maikorner number one fan. walaupun tak kenal arwah tapi rasa sebak. moga arwah tenang di sana.

Amy Z! said... BALAS

I know its not easy, but stay strong.


~Mami Little Hero~ said... BALAS

Kak Huda,

Berair mata saya baca ur post. Bersyukur kak huda sempat jumpa ur sister sebelum dia pergi. Mungkin kenangan terakhir tu boleh dijadikan sebagai pengubat kesedihan hati kak huda. Sabarlah dengan ujian ini. Saya dulu arwah papa saya meninggal (dah 10 tahun) tapi tak ada hari yang saya tak rindukan dia. Kadang sampai terbawa dalam mimpi sebab rindu.

Farah, Mami Little Hero.

アヌムちゃん said... BALAS

Al fatihah..takziah...

Ninie Hanis said... BALAS

al fatihah..

salam takziah buat kak huda sekeluarga.

Yan said... BALAS

deepest condolences to u and family..sedey, cannot imagine...:(( hope it'd get easier for you in time...

Shamsiah Abdul Rahman said... BALAS

Innalillah.. & salam takziah dari K.Sham. Membaca this entry, baru K.Sham teringat.. I used to kirim Hard Rock Cafe fm from arwah. Dia dulu pernah bertugas di Kuwait kan. My husband pernah jumpa dia while she's there. I think this is the "Nurul" yg I used to deal with. Very nice lady tho' kami hanya communicate within the fm community. Even my earliest HRC collection was from her. Going to miss her then.

Be strong dear, Allah lebih sayangkan arwah. Semoga Allah mengampunkan semua dosa dan kesalahan arwah serta agar arwah ditempatkan bersama para solehah di sana.


Anonymous said... BALAS

May she be among those in jannah, stay strong, i know how it feels not being there when your loved ones passed on, the kebumi, the sembahyang jenazah, and all little details you wish to know, you will know little by little, in the future, i was in your place once, no words can describe the feelings. and our deepest condolences to your family especially your parents.
Al Fatihah

Dinas Aldi said... BALAS

Al-Fatihah buat arwah. Ternyata Allah SWT lebih sayangkan dia. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang2 beriman, amin.

Doktor Love said... BALAS

takziah kak... alfatihah.

gadiz meki said... BALAS

takziah...Al-Fatihah untuk arwah..

-CikLabu- said... BALAS

Be strong ya sis,.ciklabu pernah rasa benda yg sama when my eldest sister left us 20 years back..semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama org yg beriman..amin...

Niza said... BALAS

Huda, be strong.. tabahkan hati. Moga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman.

Reen Tart Nenas said... BALAS

i know how it feels when we lost someone close to our life. take care kak. doakan arwah setiap hari. bila teringat, sedekahkan al-fatihah. susah, tp insyallah, semua akan ok :)

HangKebon said... BALAS

Salam takziah...

Al Fatihah..

Lady of Leisure said... BALAS

Salam narif..
I baru baca blog.. Takziah untuk narif sekeluarga.. Semoga arwah tenang di sana.. Al fatihah..

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