Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Montessori or Carden method?

Anak umur tak sampai 3 tahun, mak dah pening kepala!

Semalam kami pergi open house for Hillander School. Kat US ni, banyak betul pilihan sekolah, sampai mak mak yang nak memilih pening kepala, hehehe.. Nasib baik la bandar kami ni kecik aje, jadi we are down to 2 choices. Tapi 2 pilihan ni bukan beza pasal sekolah aje, tapi pasal learning method sekali.

Montessori method


Carden method

Yup, rupanya banyak cara nak belajar! Kalau kita dulu, cara gitu je lah. Nak masuk private school, memang tak dapek le. Banyak duit ko, hahaha.. Kat sini yuran tak lah membebankan sangat, kira masih ok lagi lah. Lelagi bila lalu public school, nampak kereta polis parking sebijik dua. Perghh... seriau! Harap-harap dijauhkan la mala petaka macam tu kan. Kesian budak-budak dan cikgu yang jadi mangsa :(.

Excerpt from, 

Carden Schools(Pre-K - 10th Grade) – Are committed to the belief that every child wants to learn and that if that child fails to learn, it is because the teacher has failed to teach. Mae Carden, creator of the Carden Method, believed that a phonetically based, well-integrated language-arts curriculum was essential to academic achievement and that the formation of a child’s character should be a primary goal of education

With the Carden reading method, children in kindergarten start to learn the sounds associated with consonants and vowels and acquire the ability to sound out almost any word by themselves. To encourage students to develop the ability to form a mental image of the word, the pages of Carden readers do not contain pictures.

A typical Carden school is organized in "forms" of approximately 20 students, based on their level of academic skill rather than their ages. Within each form, the children are grouped again according to their skill level. The teacher then spends time with each group while the other children are working on their own.

Montessori Schools - (Toddler - Sixth Grade) – Operate according to the belief that as children make the transformation to adulthood, they must pass through certain developmental planes, during which their physical, mental and spiritual qualities gradually unfold. Advocates of the Montessori method believe that in the early years there are specific moments when a child is ready to develop certain language abilities, mathematical skills or patterns of physical movement. It is the role of the teacher to sense this readiness and lead the child in the right direction.

Reading is essentially self-taught. Using the notion that the child has to experience the world through the senses in order to grasp a concept, the reading and writing areas of the classroom might contain cutout or moveable alphabets, sandpaper letters, labeled pictures and writing materials. Children explore these at their own pace. Many students learn to read phonetically simple words, and sometimes more difficult ones, by the time they are 4 years old.

In the typical Montessori classroom, classes are multi-aged and the room is divided into "centers" that are designed to help the child develop skills in a particular area. While free to choose which center they will work at, children are not free to roam; they are required to make a choice.

I guess in the end, what really matter is the teacher & class environment. We plan to visit the Montessori school this Friday, tengok macam mana pula di sana. Yang Hillander tu, ajar ikut Carden method. When they were talking about the "control" for kindergarten level reading, I rasa macam nak masuk tadika balik, hehehe... Mana tak nya, they mentioned something about "We teach them about money, why the 'ar' in 'dollar' sounds like 'er' and not 'ar'". Korang tau ke kenapa? I tak tau, hahahaha...

Einstein much?


mama maman aka yana said... BALAS

Bukan main bergaya yer cik aiyu...:)

Amy Z! said... BALAS

Kaedah traditional pun ok. Kita dari kecik belajar kaedah traditional ni. Ok je. Tapi bila ada kaedah montessori - which is lebih baik dari kaedah traditional, why not kita pilih yg terbaik kan? ;-)
Lagipun budak2 skrg ni bijak. Kita kena suaikan pendidikan ikut kaedah mana yg sesuai untuk anak kita. Insya Allah. Mana2 pun ok. Asalkan anak kita dapat belajar dgn baik. :-)

Skrg ni memang ramai parents pilih montessori school sebab banyak develop skill, mental, fizikal dari konsep traditional yg banyak baca, baca, baca dan hapal ni. Hehehe.

:|: TinTa Kibod :|: said... BALAS

setuju dgn Amy Z :)

Fifi Nadhrah said... BALAS

lagi suke praktikal dari baca dan hafal..

geram betul tgk aiyu ni!~

Eey said... BALAS

Hmmm... For me, I tak kisah cara mana pun. Sbb I believe they will offer the best for the child. Yg paling penting I nak tengok dulu environment skolah tu mcm mana.

Anonymous said... BALAS

vote for montessori :)

Missy CSI said... BALAS

cik aiyo dah mcm korea korea...comei spek biru

Salmi Khairil said... BALAS

comei ngan spek birunya..muka serius plak tu.. =)


asalkan tak payah hafalll n exammmmm and dok target stret A sudah. biar develop skils n interest and brush up their best ability.

sabira said... BALAS dear einstein..hehehe

aan said... BALAS

hi... tetiba rasa nak komen setelah jd silent reader berzaman *eceh*
dapat ilham nak mentaip kat sini plak.hehe

rasanya bagus sekolah yg ajar budak2 develop skills, belajar dr surrounding and self-taught learning. budak akan jd lebih aware and perkembangan otak lebih bagus. jd budak lebih kreatif dan kritis dalam berfikir, tak macam traditional method. bagus gila sistem kat sana kan. i wonder bila sistem pendidikan sini nak berubah. dr dulu sama agaknya...bawak beg berat2.... kira A berkepuk2 tp sbnrnya A tuh smpai exam je. x lekat di hati *ehem, diri sendiri lah tuh (T_T)*

btw, cik aiyu is super comel dan beliau kelihatan super pintar hehehehe

Anonymous said... BALAS

Hi Huda,

I think montessori will be better. it is much well known.

Also, may i ask if u do sell kate spade and LV? what's the purchase procedure? should we email you with the model number and then you will quote us the price inc delivery charges to msia?


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