Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disney World Orlando

Selamat hari pekerja!

Waktu orang bercuti ni lah, tetiba tuan tanah dapat aura nak update blog, hehe.. Tah la, tapi sejak kebelakangan ni memang malasss sangat nak update blog. Blog jual beli pun gitu gak, tapi apa kan daya, itu tempat kita mencari rezeki, hehe..

I guess it's just too much going on right now. With all the traveling, home renovation (major part!) and baby in my belly, hidup saya adalah sedikit pening, hehe.. Bukan mak nye aje, Cik Aiyu pun sama. We pretty much take turn to sleep with her, since she refused to sleep in her room anymore. Dah la sekarang ni tv pun takde, gila amish kehidupan kitorang, hahaha... Ok, tv tu ada lagi. Cuma cable takde, which means takde siaran untuk ditonton. Nak tengok DVD ngan main game tu, boleh lagi la, hehe..

Anyway, kisah kami di  Disney World Orlando hari tu.

We only went to one (out of six) park, which is the Magic Kingdom. Yang lelain tu macam tak berapa sesuai dengan kekanak baya Aiyu. Boleh la, tapi rogiiii...

The entrance fee for the park varies according to the number of days that you want to be there. Macam kami pergi sehari, tiket harga $89. Kalau dua hari, $88 for each day. The more you stay, the cheaper it will be. Mind you that a ticket can only be used for a park each day. Kalau nak pergi lebih daripada satu, kena add on Hopper Pass option, which is extra $35 for each ticket. Kami bayar 2 tiket je, pasal kekanak bawah 3 tahun, free. Kalau ada anak remaja 6 orang, sendiri buat ilmu hisab aaaa... mak tak sanggup nak nengok nombor.

Most resorts offer free shuttle service to Disney World, tapi kami sewa kereta. Senang nak gi beronggeng. Parking fee is $14 flat rate.

Walau tempat ni ramai orang, the flow is pretty smooth. I guess they'v been doing it since 1970's, so dah terror. Dari tempat parking, ada tren yang akan bawa pengunjung ke kaunter tiket. Dari kaunter tiket pula, ada pilihan untuk naik bot, atau naik monorel ke Magic Kingdom. Perghh.. dah setengah jam keluar kereta pun, tak jumpa Mickey Mouse lagi, hehehe...

Rasa macam ramai orang kan, tapi kami pergi ni, off season. Cuba pergi time cuti sekolah, nangesss!

We didn't really have any plan ahead, kira pergi leisure aje lah. Kalau penat, berhenti. Rileks rileks aje. We don't need to cover every inch of the park, kami pergi jejalan nak kasi Cik Aiyu happy je. 

The first thing we saw was, the Eclectic Parade, or something like that. Masa ni, all the characters turun dari parade stage, pastu menari dengan orang ramai.

Agak-agak Cik Aiyu suka tak?




Anak sape la kat tengah tu, hehehe.... Syiok sungguh dia menari, sampai Woody pun rajin duk melayan dia, hahaha... Lepas habis parade tu, gigih dia cari tempat lain untuk menari. Sorry baby, tak dapek mommy nak nolong.

Characters on parade.

Gambar wajib tayang.

Gambar sunat tayang, hehe..

Gambar kasi orang jaki, hahaha... Banyak gilerrr souvenir yang ada, mak rabun mata! Tetiba rasa macam kekanak riang dapat sekotak Ribena. Semua benda pun kalau boleh nak beli. Tapi harga boleh tahan gak, so beli apa yang patut je lah :)

Mek Aiyu and the gang. Nasib baik laaa ada sesi bergambar dengan characters dalam bangunan. Terbela jap nasib kulit kami untuk 20 minit, hehehe... 

Acara kemuncak, the main parade. Cik Aiyu tak berapa suka sangat pasal bising, tapi bila nampak characters yang dia kenal, terus dia happy, lambai-lambai kat mereka. 

Insya allah, ada rezeki lenkali boleh sampai lagi :D


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Fifi Nadhrah said... BALAS

waaa.. syoknye la aiyu berjumpe kawan2 di disneyland!~

Unknown said... BALAS

bestnya cik Aiyu pegi Disney World...saya last pegi thn 1995 kot...tu pon kat Disneyland Aneheim....bila la nak sampai lagi....*tunggu duit jatuh dari langit* hehehe ;)

Unaizah said... BALAS

Alahai, comelnya tengok gambar Cik Aiyu dok menari dgn Woody. Sure she enjoyed herself tremendously!

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H O N E Y said... BALAS

Hi, finally I manage to read your blog again. Tapi skrg kinda busy. Later I'll read again ok?

Take care!

Unknown said... BALAS

Apa beza Disney World and Disneyland?
The only Disneyland i penah pegi kat Paris. Sejuk time tu. Dah la semua benda kecek French. Org dah feeling2 scary kt umah hantu, kita dok nganga2 takda perasaan.

Anonymous said... BALAS

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