Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celcom Call Me Tone-A-thon

Kringggg kringggg!
You know, the same old telephone ring.
And you wonder why people don't call you. :P
We want entertainment people, even while waiting for you to pick up your phone.
That's why, we need Celcom Call Me Tones!
You think you have a good taste in music? Why don’t you show it with your Call Me Tones? Let your callers listen to the songs that you like. Download the coolest hits from the biggest stars and entertain your callers.

But don’t just get one Call Me Tones. Join the Call Me Tone-A-thon and get as many Call Me Tones as you like! Give them variety and let your callers hear a different song every time they buzz you. You can even ask your friends to join in the Call Me Tone-A-Thon and see who has the biggest Call Me Tones collection (or whose collection is more awesome)! Do not worry, Celcom has more than 4,000 songs for you to choose from.

If that is still not a big enough motivation for you to join the Call Me Tone-A-Thon, how about the chance to win up to RM7,000 daily cash prize! That’s right! Every day one lucky Call Me Tones subscriber will win cash worth anywhere from RM2,000 to RM7,000! New clothes, flashy sneakers, the latest smartphone – there’s a lot that you can buy with load of money! And that’s not even the best part!

The best part is, when you join Call Me Tone-A-Thon, you also stand to win the grand prize which is a Volkswagen Polo! SWWWEEEEEEET!!!

 So how do you join the Call Me Tone-A-Thon?

It’s really SUPER DUPER easy. From 14th December 2011 until 12th January 2012, you can either:
Type CAR and send it to 22222

When you perform either one of the above, you’ll get 2 Call Me Tones and will be charged RM5.00. That’s ONLY RM5 for 2 Call Me Tones for 1 month! (normal price would be RM12). You can then redeem your Call Me Tones at To qualify for the cash Daily Prize, you need to send at least 3 SMS-es to 22222 and purchase 6 Call Me Tones at RM15.00 from 12am until 11.59pm of each day. Simple, right?

So hurry and join the Call Me Tone-A-Thon and be on your way to getting awesome songs on your mobile as well as winning fantastic prizes!

1 comment:

lyzaCR7 said... BALAS

Dulu aye guna CMT - call me tones.. Harga dulu cuma rm3.50 tak kisah brapa lagu skali pun..sampai le satu lagu dorang charges rm10..terus aye buang.. tak kuasa aye..bil rm60 terus jd rm90 kekdang CMT aye ada 2 3 lagu..tak kuasa ai sedekah camtu je kt celcom..

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