Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guys can be so sweet but so cruel too!

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him is hard to regret, losing him is hard to accept, but even with all the hurt one has felt, letting go is the most painful yet.
Guys can be sweet but so cruel too.

If you are in this situation, how do you deal with it?


soulsearcher said... BALAS

baru lps lyn cerita korea ekk?huhu..kalau sya,semua cara dh cuba kecuali satu..yg mana xsampai seru lagi nk cuba? rasa mdmsoyaree sure tau..hihi..
anyway..just get over it k. Guys will always be guys..they just cant change.

miss scofield said... BALAS

knapo xde gambo aiyu yg chomel...!!

miss her smiley face...!!

Anonymous said... BALAS

Been there ,done that.
First few weeks of breaking up,were utterly suffocating.
After a month,mcm kuat sket. Alhamdulillah :)
After awhile, then realize Allah alws knows the best for us.

May 1 day,i would find the perfect guy to be my husband and father to my kids.amin,inshaAllah :)

nazayiena said... BALAS

Byk2lah bersabar dan minta pertolongan Allah.....

Nanak said... BALAS


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