Monday, September 3, 2012

The reason why the blog is so quiet...

is this somehow annoyingly addictive logos quiz game.

At first my sister was raving about it. It started when she asked me how to spell "Louis Vuitton" right. *geez, that is so easy!* Still after all the meet ups during this festive season, she keeps on talking about it.
Ok, I will give it a try.
Bad decision.
It's addictive to a point I have to make excuses to Aiyu not to use the iPod, hehehe...
The game is kinda old, they even have the answers on Google already. But as an obedient player, I haven't cheat so far. Well, I do look up for the logos, and how to spell "Schwarzkopf" shampoo right. But not the direct answer la. Because if I do, where's the fun of the game, right? Not that I have to worry about my work stress or whatsoever. Ahhh... it is a bliss being an unemployed, under your mom's roof. So many things to think about.... not! :P
Besides that, the normal weekend after raya activities.
Binge eating slash camwhoring over your friends.
Kids meet up.
But ohhh... there's something new.
Aiyu's playing the card where "mommy is no fun, I prefer to go out with my aunt". Serious mengada ok, now everything also she wants to do with vavi. Yup, unfortunately, that's what she calls Sally. b-a-b-i. Bak kata Min Min, "tapi dia tak eja, dia sebut" Imagine her running after vavi, with her screaming vavi's name on top of her lung, at Sogo's carpark. Embarassing I tell you! Mesti semorang ingat kitorang kuat mencarut, hahaha...
Cik Aiyu having a blast over Jaja's corner.


blu4sky said... BALAS

hahaha i can't stop laughing..just imagine if cik aiyu really say that out loud..sure org keliling terkezut..
btw huda dpt x my email..?

mama maman aka yana said... BALAS

haha... terbaik la cik aiyu... :-)

yes... mesti mama korek taik telinga psl dok sangka mama tersalah dengar... hahaha

nanne_manja said... BALAS

hahaha..quiz logo tu pun dah buat i kemaruk jugak..baru level 7..

Azie said... BALAS

hahahah...serius malu okeh kalau sume org pandang masa cik aiyu teriak tuh. hehe...i can imagine heee..:P

isk, kalau dah start kemaruk games nih bahayaa! xlalu makan jadinya..I dulu kemaruk games Zuma...pagi petang siang malam kalau leh, nak main jek...hihihi

Unaizah said... BALAS

Am laughing so hard over the scene at Sogo's carpark....

miss scofield said... BALAS


cik aiyu pelat ye...... :p

comel je dlm bath tub...

nurul dahlya alias said... BALAS

apa nama game tu kaka

Reen Tart Nenas said... BALAS

owh bleh la download nie :)

Amy Z! said... BALAS

hahaha. sabar aje la aiyu. malu mommy. hahaha.

sabira said... BALAS

rindu la kat cik aiyu...lama tak update...:)))

ComeyBelako said... BALAS has been so long i tak jengah sini and my own blog. aiyu sudah anak dara sunti. auwww!

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