Thursday, December 20, 2012

48 pieces

Her latest achievement:

48 pieces puzzle. All by herself!
Alhamdulillah, I'm so proud of her progress. I can see her being a nerd with a big closet of shoes, hehehe..
We bought the 48 pieces puzzle because I can't find any 24 pieces puzzle in Toys R Us. 12 pieces dah tak challenging, hehe.. Online ada, tapi malas nak tunggu. It was spur of the moment kinda thing. Jalan-jalan hujung minggu, hehe..
So I bought the 48 pieces puzzle, ingat nak main sama lah. When we came home, she flipped the board, and began to assemble piece by piece. Since most of the pieces were still intact, I was like ehhh... memang la ko boleh buat kan.
That night I challenged her, by breaking all the pieces, and scaterred them.
Apparently, someone remembers where everything is at.
"Mommy, sun, here"
"Mommy, pirate ship, here"
"Mommy, shark, here"
"Mommy, red, here"
Ooooo... macam tu awak buat puzzle. Hafal gambar rupanya. So I guess she will only be able to do it, if she sees the final picture first.
Nevertheless, I'm still a proud mommy!


FaznFaz said... BALAS

oooo my!!!! she got photographic memory!!!!! scorer aah nnt kat school n uni!!! x macam aunty, lulus cukup2 makan aje!!! heheheh!!!! u really should be proud of her!!!!

amaniammar said... BALAS

wahh..semakin hebat EQ n skill cik aiyu ni..

Kniedaz said... BALAS

bagusnya dah pandai buat puzzle!

♥ Elin ♥ said... BALAS

pandaaaiii...usia si comelnih klu dah blh susun puzzle mmg dah nmpk kepandaian dia..

sabira said... BALAS

she got a good bijak tu nak susun puzzle tu balik kak...she is focus on doing something...:)))

abah khalisha said... BALAS

hehehe..mula-mula je agk slow..lama-lama tk sampai 10 minit dah settle

farah said... BALAS

Syabas cik Aiyu! Yerp, a nerd in the making indeed kihkihkih but a cool nerd lah, hehe. I guess u've really been encouraging her development, so congrats to u too mummy! That's no small feat to achieve! *clap clap*

lemongrass said... BALAS

Cik Aiyu sangat clever!clap10X
memang akan jadi nerd but nerd is the new in thing what, hehehe

lyza said... BALAS

gud girl baby.. nanti pandai macam mama ya... hahahaha... ;)

Nota Cikgu Anum said... BALAS

she's amazing..kudos to u Huda

wani ramle said... BALAS

cik aiyu ikut tips stephen covey ~7 habits highly effective people...begins with the end in mind ;P

Azie said... BALAS

bijaknyer cik aiyu!! sejuk perut mummy mengandung...and tahniah to mummy oso...u have being great mummy so far...:)

Amy Z! said... BALAS

Brilliant kid! Auntie Amyz pun tumpang bangga ni. Mmmwahh!!

Anonymous said... BALAS

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Aida Lela said... BALAS

dengan umur dia, dah kira hebat la 48 pieces tu.

*memang khusyuk cik aiyu melayan puzzle ni :)

Fifi Nadhrah said... BALAS

alhamdulillah.. syoknye.. da pakai pandai aiyu..

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