Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My American child

*Entri Oh My English hari ini, hehehe...*
 Our conversation earlier, during lunch time.
Aiyu: Mommy, why did you do that?
Me: Do what?
A: Why did you spell it wrong?
M: Spell what?
A: Look. It's wrong.
*pointing out to Aaron's bib*
M: What did you mean?
A: That's not how you spell "mommy". It's M-O-M-M-Y. Not M-U-M-M-Y. You are being silly.
M: Ermmm......
Not too sure if I should confuse her with the US/UK English quite yet. I always make fun the fact it is called English language, and not American language (just to pissed Colby off). Like hello, American football? You are not even using your foot, how can you call it football?


Nasa Mulia said... BALAS

Spell it right...hehehe

mama maman aka yana said... BALAS

pandainya.. untie lg tak pandai spell la cik aiyu.. haha

Amyz! said... BALAS

Takpela. Nanti dia confuse kan. Hihihi.
Msia ikut uk. Cik aiyu ikut america. Haha.

Gerb said... BALAS

Amboi,kemain lagi cik kak ni.

Aziela said... BALAS

Boleh kot kalau nak bagi hints. I explained to my son about the differences when he was 5. And he is sekolah kampung jer. But to explain the differences of color and colour and so on.

Tapi kan, Miss Aiyu ni memang sangat peka la kan. Very focus. Bagus..bagus... Cerah masa depan..

Eliss said... BALAS

boleh masuk pertandingan spell it right ni :) hellow amerika :)

Nota Cikgu Anum said... BALAS

Bijak betoi anak ini...

Anonymous said... BALAS

haha..pasni kena jd walking dictionary la

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