Thursday, September 11, 2014

The reason why my hair is black

If there is one thing Aiyu is obsessed with, is definitely her hair.

She refused to get a hair cut (scissors virgin!) thinking that a hair cut will makes her hair turn to brown (as if it's Rapunzel blonde now). Well she does have the blonde streak, especially at the edge, so I guess in a way she is right. Her hair will be brown if she gets a hair cut. Imagine if it turns black, muahahaha...

Anyway, we were having a conversation yesterday, on why she should have a shower after a swim. I explained to her that the pool water has chlorine, and it's bad for our skin and hair.

She was still questioning why and why, so I tried to relate to the fact given by her instructor earlier last week.

M: Remember when Brooke told you to take off your necklace, so it won't turn black? It is because of the chlorine, which is bad for the necklace too.

*after some thinkinggggg*

A: Ohhhh... is that why your hair is black? Because you didn't shower after a swim when you were a kid?"



qi said... BALAS

kahkahkah..minda aiyu sangat comels

mama leen said... BALAS

Haha... aiyu sangat bijak..

Anonymous said... BALAS

hahahahahah...bijak and comel sangat!

- xaeren

Nasa Mulia said... BALAS

Minda kanak-kanak sangat comel.

Mrs.Yana @ K.M & B.U.M.P said... BALAS

Is it true mommy? Hehehe.. soalan anak2 ni mmg menguji kan

cydayf said... BALAS

owh Aiyu, shomel sangat kenapa nie? hehehehe..

Yan said... BALAS

So cute aiyu! Hihi

Qider said... BALAS

Hahaha....lawak2..dulu saya kecik2 gaduh ngan babysitter pasal rambut mat saleh blonde sebab letak bedak banyak2

. : Nusaibah : . said... BALAS

Hahahaha. Comel and brilliant!

Madam Sooyaree said... BALAS

Tak terjawab kekadang jadinya, hahaha

Mama Leen,

Terima kasih dear, aminnnn....

Hehehe... thanks dear! :)

Jujur sangat kan diorang ni kekadang, hehe

Mrs Yana,
Itu lah pasallll... lagi satu yang kalau boleh nak dielak, "but whyyyyy?" Banyak la ko punya but why :D

Hihihih.. thanks auntie!

Terima kasih darl!

Hahahahahaha... tu lagi funny hokayyyy... bedak = rambut nenek tak? :P

Thanks dear :)

annapeje said... BALAS

ahaha sian mak dia betabahlah

Amyz! said... BALAS

omg!!! Hahahahhaa.. Adoi. Sabar aje laa makk....!!!

Unknown said... BALAS

hahaha clever girl comel jer cik aiyu :)

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