Monday, February 17, 2014

#$%&##@ American Airlines!

 My new flying record.
5 flights. 3 different airlines. 4 major cities. 43 freaking hours.
Ooohhh... not to forget, a 3 month old baby in tow.
*faint mode*
It all started with the delay in Midland. From 11:40 am to 12:55 pm to 3:10 pm. Because of that, I had to reschedule my original travel plan, Midland-Dallas-Frankfurt-Kuala Lumpur to Midland-Dallas-Paris-Kuala Lumpur. Reason being, American Airlines has a contract with an unreliable carrier. They cancel the flight as they like, and show up only when they feel like it, as being told by the AA representative.
Well, another route doesn't seem so bad, even though I was bummed because of the new seating arrangement. I booked the bassinet for all the flights, but I guess I might not be able to see it somehow. Oh well...
Once I arrived in Dallas, everything was fine and dandy, until....
We were told 10 minutes prior to departure (not boarding) that the airplane that we were supposed to ride on has a cracked blade.
Like seriouslllyyyyy???
It will take about an hour and a half to get a new airplane ready so guess what, I will miss my connection in Paris too!
So I had to go to the counter again, to get a new route.
"You will have to fly to Ho Chi Minh after Paris, then Kuala Lumpur. You will arrive some time in noon (and not 7 am)".
I hate the fact that I have to travel to an extra airport, but oh well, what can I do about it.
Once we landed in Paris, the cabin crew was paging for me. Apparently I won't be able to make it to Ho Chi Minh too, and that now I have to travel through Cairo. Arrival time in Kuala Lumpur now will be at 6 pm.
*mommy criessssss*
Anyhow, I have to get out from the airport, because the local AA counter will be there. After endless discussion, I was given 2 options; fly through Cairo at Terminal 1 (we were in Terminal 2), or through London and Hong Kong at Terminal 2.
For those who has been through Charles De Gaulle airport, you should know how inconvenient the airport is. To change terminal, you have to walk quite  a way, and wait for a bus to take you there. The bus doesn't run quite often, and the ride takes some time too. Once you arrive at Terminal 1, you will need to take the stairs (no elevator, sorry) up. Thinking about the 2 bags and a stroller that I have, I start to feel nausea.
Fine, London it is.
Once I get the boarding passes from British Airways, the friendly representative told me "Madam, you need to check in your stroller from here. You will get it outside the airplane in London, but for now, we have to check it in".
Oh, crap.
So off we went through the security and what not, with Aaron in my arms. Imagine me trying to get the laptop out of my bag with one hand, and holding my baby with my other arm.
*free biceps/triceps workout*
For the flight from London to Hong Kong, I was honored for a baby bassinet. Except it is not really a bassinet, more like a rocker. Babies can only lay down on their back, and not on their belly. Which, unfortunately, is the way Aaron sleeps. On his belly.
Luckily I am all fluffy, so I became the new mattress.
When we arrived in Hong Kong, we were assisted by the local ground crew from door to door. Thank you Cathay Pacific! Mannn.. I was all relieved once we boarded the plane. Our final plane.
 Throughout the unfortunate series of event, I am somehow thankful that,
1. Aaron was soooo nice! I was kinda expecting him to throw tantrum. I would. But he didn't. I can tell he was really tired, but he was being cool about it.
2. Those helpful and friendly ground crews. Thank you for making my life easier. It's not your fault, it's American Airlines fault.
Last but not least....


Unknown said... BALAS

Selamat berjimba di Tanah Malaya..

Irfa said... BALAS

perjalanan yg memenatkan
nak pulak ada baby sekali
sian baby penat
apapun slmt kembali ;)

Mama Naaila said... BALAS

Hello sissy, welcome home! owh baby Aaron too! hugssss.

SueGinola said... BALAS

Alhamdullilah..selamat sampai ye...selamat bercuti-cuti malaysia kak...

n.a.n.i.e said... BALAS

welcome home kakak! hello aaron!

rostina76 said... BALAS

phewwwww!!!penat baca. empunya badan lg la ye…sib baik abg Aaron baik ;)

eiLa said... BALAS

hooo maiiii!!!!

1st, i hate cdg airport!!! haha!!!

2nd, aku baru jer blk travel dr umrah dgn 2 kids, journey dlm 24hrs bcoz of transit.... homaiiii, dia punya cabaran... sorang duk terlari2, sorang plak tgh melasak!!! help!!!!

so, tabik spring kat hang!!! in fact time go through immigration, mmg duk teringat kat kau, handle anak all along sorang2...

Makcik Anak 3 said... BALAS

alhamdulillah.....selamat sampai sudah....

Anonymous said... BALAS

baru baca dah penat, belum experience sendiri lagi. lelah gamaknya! tapi AA mmg byk komplen. x pernah nak improve.

Nasa Mulia said... BALAS

Selamat kembali....i yang baca story you pun penat, lagilah orang yang melaluinya...

Fifi Nadhrah said... BALAS

bace pon sesak nafas kak.. kalau sorang takpe.. ni abg aaron ade.. kak aiyu macam mane? ok tak tggl sorang? btw.. selamat berjimba!~

hidayahrodhi said... BALAS

berat mata membaca berat lagi bahu yang mendokong, alhamdullillah selamat tiba di tanah air.

Unknown said... BALAS

Oh dear, pity u kak huda... kena alami semua perkara tu dengan bb kecik. Apapun selamat jua tiba di Msia dengan jayanya.

Norliana Abdul Rahman said... BALAS

aku baca pun penat.
ngek punya AA.

anyway welcome home ye :)

Amyz! said... BALAS

Alhamdulillah... after all you've been through. Lucky baby Aaron being such a sweetheart. Ni mesti copy daddy cool. Hihi.

Welcome to Malaysia!! Yeay, dapat jumpa grandma, grandpa, aunties PJ. Hihi.

mrs gold said... BALAS

selamat kembali kak...:)

Unknown said... BALAS

Ya Allah...sabar je la Huda....akak baca pon stress hehehe luckily Aaron baik kan...& Yay! balik malaysia....makan! makan! makan! hahaha :P

ayang said... BALAS

Aron.. selamat mengenali mslaysia.. akak if tak puas lagi naik flight tak tau le.. jenuh naik turun naik turun.. sian akak..

Nota Cikgu Anum said... BALAS

Im speechless. Iols dukung ank bli brg kt Speedmart 99 je pon dh rase nk pitam.

yatt said... BALAS

ooo patut nmpk kat ig post gmbr nasi ganja :)

norashikin said... BALAS

hai dear...wellcome to malaysia...hehe

Qider said... BALAS

selamat sampai jugak..peh semput nak handle sorang2 segala beg dan anak..

*kesat peluh baca entry ni.

Anonymous said... BALAS

Huda.What a lonnngg journey. Welcome home Huda. nak menitik air mata I baca.

Mummy of Three said... BALAS

Oh no!!! Penat nye huda!! I can imagine. Dah la tgh 'hot' kan. If i were in your shoes, huhu..xtau lah. Nangis dulu kot. Hehe..
Anyway, hope u have a good time here in Malaysia okeh! Take care babe.

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